Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day!! Wishing all mothers out there Happy Mommy Day... Stayed home to cook a nice meal for hubby and myself. We tried using the high-oil consumption deep fryer to fry some chicken wings - now we do not know what to do with the half-bottle of oil that is being used!

Of course, celebration is not complete if mother and mother-in-law is not treated for dinner. Went to Meritus Mandarin Chatterbox for their to die for Mandarin Chicken Rice! Yummy...

Now that they move up to 38th/39th floor, the view is absolutely panaromic!

Hubby n myself @ Gloria Jeans before Iron Man starts

When I was back in Klang last week, we had a BBQ dinner - tried out the new electric bbq oven my mom bought! Very good, abit small though but no smoke and it is really fuss free!!

The gals that made it happen - my younger sis, Melinda and elder sis, Aileen!

My mom can make a real yummy pork chop! Another one pls..Aileen made 'chicken cordon bleu' in kebab style, wrapped in bacon, did not take a pic cos once out fr the grill, it's gone!

These Sri Lankan crabs were steamed and boy they were big!

Corns that my mom bought is so much sweeter than those sold in NTUC - dun ask me why..

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