Comprain Queen

Have you ever met a person that stooped so low in her life?? I met one recently and it was indeed an eye opener. No wonder the saying goes "Never offend a woman" because you will not know what will beget you..haha!!! Fancy that coming from a woman eh??

Sigh..these few days is the darkest n gloomiest day of my life because of this stoopid incident. Being professionals, we should do things professionally - she actually replied some emails and blind copy her boss which in turn calls the CEO to express his unhappiness!! Wah liao.. this only will reflect how childish she was and how it reflects that she can handle situations.

Anyway.. work is work, personal is personal. I can't stand ppl who take work n mix with personal!! So unpro lar..hahaha

Nothing liao lar..i just want to vent out my anger!! Buay tahan

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