Comprain Queen Leg 2

You thought the saga will end right. That was my thought too but how wrong was I. She is still acting like a pebble in my shoe.. nuisance.
I told his immediate reporting manager this and he told me he actually told her to stop but guess what is her answer "I will not give up..". Wah liao.. it is like as if asking her to give up means asking her to admit defeat. What is there to give up or not give up?
No choice but to rope in few of my techies to help me justify the additional 1 man day charged for testing. Note that it is 1 man day that she is disputing for the past 2 weeks. All in all, I have wasted about 2 man days replying her stoopid..realllllll stoopid emails.
Why can't they calculate long term costs instead of looking to save that few hundred? No wonder one of my boss always quote "Penny wise, pound foolish".. it really fits the bill of this particular pebble.. heh

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