A good friend of mine just told me she is experiencing a heartache. I dare not probe further except to ask her "Why heartache?".. then she spill the beans. She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years.
It will come as a shock to our circle of friends, cos she is the next to get married. Condo is ready, furnitures bought, stuffs prepared, etc etc. It came unannounced even to her. Reason: She did not 'please' the guy as how he wants to be pleased. Jerk!
This is how fragile a relationship is. You will think that all those preps will mean a happy ending but no, life always take a 360degree turn when you least expect it. It looks rosy from outsider's point of view but behind closed door, things are not always as good as it seems to be.
I learnt that it is not the length of relationship that matters, it is the quality.
I learnt that it is not just love that is enough to make a relationship survive, it takes hardwork i.e. attention, tears, sweat, care, etc etc etc.
I learnt not to take my other half for granted.
Most importantly..
I learnt to take things one day at a time.. I am still learning this one. It saddens me that the future I paint may not be the future I will have. Do not get me wrong, but I am a perfectionist. I tends to get upset if what I expect do not turn out to be what I expected.
Weather is good today. No rain, clear blue sky! I love sunny weather, but somehow my feeling is not as sunny as the weather is.. heavy hearted. Not sure if it is caused by my friend's news or ...
Arrggh... I hope it will go away soon!!

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