I finally manage to drag myself to yoga after nearly 3 months of absence. Went for Yoga Therapy last night. Instructor Raaj was good..he actually thought us a way of breathing which left my abdomen really painful this morning (a sign that my muscle is worked!) :)
I finally bought a branded bag..though it is not a big ticket item, it is still branded. COACH wristlet which I bought from Yahoo! Auction for $120. It's a steal.. no worries, it's authentic cos many ppl actually recommended her. I have yet to have time to take a pic of it.. will do so tonight and post it up. Frankly, I should not be spending $$$ on branded stuff. My mom always says that the more a person earn, his / her quality of life will change. I can't imagine how I can survive with RM1.5K previously.. SGD2K, SGD2.5K etc etc etc and now, I earn more yet I have balance close to zero every mth :( - this only prove one thing, my financial control is really bad!!!! hahaha..
Hence, my year 2007 resolution: To curb excessive spending. I have reach an age whereby I must have savings for rainy days!

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