Double your eating pleasure with our all-time favourite Pan Pizzas.
Buy 1 a la carte Regular or Large Supreme Pan Pizza and Get 1 Family Favourites Pan Pizza of the same size free.

Above were the promotion by Pizza Hut that came in a form of flyer. When I logged online, based on the word A LA CARTE, would you choose Hot Deals or A LA CARTE? Well, I chose a la carte and thinking that the free pizza will automatically be added to my 'cart', I was wrong! I did not get the 1 for 1 pizza despite ordering a Regular Chicken Supreme.

Not that we are hard up for the free pizza but the instructions were not clear, so I gave the CSO a call. She told me "You have to go to Hot Deals to order the 1 for 1 because most of our customers click on Hot Deals to order online". Hullo... if it is under Hot Deals, why didn't they use this word on the flyer like they did for their past promos? I told them they are misleading the consumer and you know what the CSO said? But all our customers click on Hot Deals... that's the only statement that she kept repeating over and over till I thought she was a voice player with recorded message and repeat capabilites! In the end, she said I could always feedback to her Marketing folks on the ad..hahaha.

So people that wants to order a la carte, click on Hot Deals first!

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