Dinner Date #01

It has been an awful long time, few months to be exact that hubby and I went out for a decent dinner without Zach in tow.

We bought a dining guide recently from Borders and decided that we shall go and try them out one by one about once a month.. that way, it'll be easy on our pocket and my waistline as well.

Our dining experience began yesterday at Brotzeit @ Vivo. I specifically asked for al-fresco dining and boy am I glad I did.. the ambience was great! Service was good, food was excellent..though they were running full house, we only waited less than 15 minutes for our food to arrive.

Hubby trying to understand the menu

While waiting for our food

Numberger a.k.a pork bratswurst

This pork knuckle is so famous that it can't be found in the menu! Ultra sinful but uber tasty

What more, we can see the new Resort World from where we are seated!

After dinner, it was shopping time. We're kinda done with our Chinese New Year shopping. Hubby's clothes and shoes are done. Zach's clothes are more or less done. Needed to get more bottoms for him and mabbe a new pair of shoe. As for me, I have enough clothes to last me for a full one week of CNY! Hahaha.. in fact, Zach's can last the whole 15 days. Ooppss.. I kinda went overboard in buying his clothes this time round.

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