Looking forward to CNY 2011

This year marks the first time in my entire life that I spent my Chu Xi in Singapore. Hubby and myself made a pact last year that we will spend Chinese New Year's eve at each other's house alternate year. This year is his turn.

Naturally I feel different, a pang of sadness that I cried a bit when I called my mom in the afternoon. I miss spending this day with my family.. my family is a bit different cos we're a very very noisy bunch and everyone will try to stall our time at the dinner table the longest possible cos dad always say, whoever gets up first will not get ang pow from him...hahaha

We had steamboat for dinner this year, something I am so not used to cos we had steamboat at normal day as well, so it was nothing special but... Zach was in good mood cos the weather was good and windy, thank God for that else we will have a hard time enjoying dinner.

By 9.30pm, I am sitting in my living room, munching on pineapple tarts and watching TV and if I am back home, I would be munching it with my family members and joking and talking nonsense.. Zach spent the night with us, manages to stay awake past 12midnight for the countdown. Back home, we would be having our prayers and if we're up to it, wil even go to the temple for annual offerings and then we will eat something sweet, like desserts to signify sweetness in our life for the new year. In SG, I was asleep by 12.30am! Zzzz.....boring

I am happy that I can go back to Klang on 2nd day of CNY..nothing beats the warmth of home and tasting mom's best cooked meal. Too bad we will miss the prayers again on 9th day of CNY but next year I will make sure I am in Klang for it...

Next year will be a better Chu Xi for me and Zach!! Looking forward to it now..

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