Busy busy busy..

If you ask me, I really do not know what I was so busy about.. I broke the record of only 2blog entry in the month of Nov..
Nov is a bad month - bad in a sense that I am busy busy busy.. first there is this UAT testing that took pretty 2weeks of my time including my birthday that I actually had to work!! All my other colleagues took leave on theirs but not ME!! *sad* sad*
Then our comp had a trip to Bintan for some team building that gotten my skin some 2tone on my arm n ankle and my face is tan.. *cry*cry*
As my house back in Klang is ready to move, I took leave last week to move.. back breaking 3 days! I did not help out in the packing but the unpacking and cleaning the floor is taxing. I never got it to 1st floor and not to mention the 2nd floor.. bro will hv to clean up on his own..haha

I took an earlier bus back to SG as me n dear wanted to get a few things done over the weekend! Recce some household items. Saw few that we wanted..now comparing prices..abit aunty but.. I am trying to get the best deal out of our depleting account
Our house is slowly taking shape and I m really pleased with the workmanship so far.. floor tiles on the living / dining / bathrooms are ready, left kitchen tiles to lay. Wonder what will be next..

I am so excited about this Saturday.. so many things that has yet to be done.. and yet office work is piling up.. the mood shattering item is a zit juz popped up on my forehead, of all time, it has to come out yesterday and it is darn big!! Oh.. not forgetting the ulcer, not the ulcer but the ulcers that is so painful!!! Argghh...

Got time to lose the extra kilo?

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BongQiuQiu said...

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