Gadget Woes

Q: What can be the worst thing that happen to an IT personnel?
A: When her laptop died on her.. *cry*
Yep.. the power adaptor for my notebook died again!! This isn't the first time. I did the replacement January this year and when I got back home on Sunday night, I realised it died again. Shoot! I will not be buying anymore replacement.. imagine, travelling all the way to SimLim just to get that adaptor.. and the current one is still under warranty!
The saddest thing is, I threw away the invoice which serve as the warranty card.. and prior to that I bought an universal adaptor which I threw away few weeks ago.. sian..
I was so handicapped yesterday. I was on medical leave (having such bad migraine that my eyes start to swell..can't sleep) and I can't check email, can't surf the net.. can't do anything!!!!! Aarrghh... now I know I depended on my laptop so much so that I went to Challenger yesterday to check out other laptop.. keke..
Eyeing on some brands but need to make some comparison before taking the plunge. Mind you, its not cheap hor..definitely need to scout around for the best price with the most freebies!! Hahaha

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