On Leave

Here I am sitting in my dad's office, checking and replying emails and at the same time blogging! Hehehe..yeap, I am on leave today. For no apparent reason..hehehe..
Flew back to KL last night and since I will not be around over the weekend, thought I will get Thursday and next Monday off to accompany my parents, to make up for lost time and feeling guilty for not coming back for Mother's Day last weekend. =)
The worse thing is I am being called back to office later today for some briefings, tired to drive all the way down to PJ for a 3-hr briefing and then get stuck in the jam when the weather is so hot.
I just want to lie down and do nothing..watch TV and be a pig!! Hehehee
Surprisingly my mom was telling me the cheongsam that I bought is quite okay.. I was worried that my leg will look enormous, my butt will look big, etc.. well, woman!! Heheh
My dad is just sitting in front of me now, you will think he is busy with work but NO, he is playing Sudoku. Heheheh.. isn't it great to be your own bosses, with ppl working hard outside and you inside the office playing games..hahaha, he can't play computer games now cos I am hogging his LAN line..wahahah.. poor dad has a bad flu..he kept sneezing and cleaning his nose, i'll spare you the details, yucks!
Later I will go check on the progress of our house reno..can't wait to see how it goes. Will post some pictures if possible... hee
Look of the front porch before and after

View from the back of the house.. in the midst of switching the bedroom and kitchen

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