I always wonder how neighbours felt when they saw walls around their unit block is being vandalised.. I wonder how they get on with their life.. hmm..
I have my fair share of that when I return home at 10.30pm from dinner. As usual, I will take the lift to 8th floor to walk a floor down.. to my horror, someone sprayed paint on the wall O$P$ and other things..the moment I saw the unit number, my heart started pounding. OMG!!! Not here.. I quickly and nervously open the door and went in, locking the door - all these while my heart is racing. What if the loanshark is still ard? What if they barge in my house? So many what if ran through my mind.. it's so not safe.. =(
First thing I did, was to tell my sis.. so that she can be extra careful when leaving the house in the morning and coming back at night!!
I was telling YT, what if there's a case of mistaken identity? What will happen.. we always read it from newspaper, didn't we? I was worried sick.. so many worst case scenario came to my mind. Now, if I did put those worst case scenario to good use, I will probably still be a programmer.. wahahaha!! YT advised me to make a police report if I am scared but I felt I shouldn't step on anyone's toe esp these loanshark!
Apparently the vandalising is still fresh cos my sis told me she did not see anything in the afternoon ard 4plus.. hmm..
Next step? Maybe quickly get my flat and move out? Need to find an alternative.. shucks! I hate all these.. how am I to sleep tonight? Now I know why I never see my neighbours before..

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