You'll Know

You'll know when you are not in a shopaholic mood.. we knew it over the weekend. YT and I was at Dhoby Ghaut running some errand when we finished around noon time. We're supposed to meet up with his brothers and friends for a drink at Clarke Quay at 9pm. Not wanting to go all the way home, we decided to walk to Orchard Road..
Well, my sense of direction is getting from bad to worse. I pointed out the wrong way and we end up walking towards Bugis.. but smart dear found out much earlier and we lazy bums went to the MRT station instead!! Just one stop..
You'll know that you are a boring person when you are actually walking down Orchard Road, a road full of ppl and shopping complexes and yet you are not going into any of those buildings. Instead, you are trying to think of a reason to sit down and have coffee and wait for the time to pass.. We were at TCC, then Border's cafe then Highlander for some snacks! We felt like 2 lost ppl in Orchard Road, walking without an aim.. just pure walking and walking and walking..
You'll know you are not in the mood to catch a movie. Both of us were sitting at Cathay Cineleisure, deliberating what movie to watch just to kill time!! Imagine, just to kill time. We catched a real, real dumb movie which the moment I left the cinema, the movie title flew out of my mind. I only knew it starred Ben Affleck but he got killed some 30 minutes into the movie! BORING!
But not everything is that gloomy on Saturday, hahaha.. I bought myself a pair of RED pumps! I've been dying to get one pair of red shoes, which I think is very nice.. finally found one at Robinsons..hehe

There's a flea market at Clarke Quay that night, hence while waiting for my dinner, I sneaked out to take a peep at what they are selling.. thr's still stall that sells cute handbags and it's going at 50% discount..still quite ex though but after dinner.. and much thinking (I actually went back 3 times) and finally, the bag is mine!! Kekekeke...

Sunday was spent lazing and rotting in bed! I was having bad bout of flu.. YT as well. So both of us slept till 11am.. slept again at 3pm (YT actually slept much earlier than that - I was busy cleaning the house first) till 5.30pm.. then we slept at 11.30pm at night! PIG!!!

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