What meant to be a surprise did not turn out to be a surprise. I was supposed to give YT a surprise b'day party @ Costa Sands Pasir Ris. Chalet has been booked, his bro arranged for food, his mom took care of the food.. but I can't think of ways to bring him there and during one of our many many quarrel, I blurted it out.. hehehe
We had 2 nights of BBQ, which caused me to have a pimple growing on my nose..sian! Overall, the party was well organised. Everyone had fun.

Dear starting the fire. He din do a great job, end up his dear started the fire!! Keke
His relatives turn up..lotsa kids on Saturday which is good to help us clear all the food. Booze was aplenty.. all was good except the toilet was a complete turn off. I feel like crying the moment I saw the toilet.. never I will wanna use it. Dark, smelly n looks uncomfortable.. Sorry to say that but I am someone that place lotsa importance on personal hygiene esp toilet cleanliness...hahaha

All his mom's sister and bro's gf
We went to Lawry's Prime Rib @ Paragon on Sunday. It's April Fool's day and it is dear's b'day. He loves rib.. so naturally I will bring him to the supposedly best rib in town.. I thought it will cost me a bomb but surprisingly it is not that bad... I will just need to stop buying shoes for the next 2 months. Hahaha.. the ambience is nice. Fine dining, the wait staff dresses like English, only female wait staff will take ur order..
Thr is this spinning cold salad which a bowl is placed on some ice and spin real fast.. they pour some horseradish sauce and mix the salad and at the same time the bowl is still spinning. Salad fork is cold and the salad is served chilled as well.. YUMMY!!

I ordered baked salmon which is delicious and fresh..dear took their famous prime rib.. it was served in this big trolley and cut on the spot. There are some pix but I am not able to post it up at this moment. Camera is with YT..

The carving station, dear's prime rib, my salmon and our contended look after dinner!!
Time to go back.. I am so tired..

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