This long weekend is spend indulging in food, food and more food. I was at Vivo City waiting to board my bus at 4pm back to KL.. boy, it was so crowded, as if the whole Singapore is there. I wanted to try out Vinco donut, the supposedly good donut everyone is queuing up at Raffles City is not related to this outlet at all, the queue here is also extremely long, decided not to q up after all. I must try the one at Raffles City one of these day. I kept telling YT that I must take off one Friday and wake up early and q up..hahaha (so Singaporean)
My house in Klang is ready for renovation and everyone is busy dishing out ideas on how to renovate this house. Somehow I was not around most of the time, so when my mom told me how they wanted to change the kitchen, extend the back of the house and add in a pond, I was like, "Huh? I cannot imagine leh??" Nvr mind lar, as long as I get my own room with my own cupboard, I am more than happy.
This is the 2nd time dear came to Klang with me, the first time he felt totally neglected because I was at work over the weekend previously, this time round, he made sure I belong to him completely..hahaha. We went 1Utama for ring shopping - I must say the quality is not there and the price is definitely not any cheaper than SG. Conclusion is, we decided to stick to ring shopping in SG instead.
We had our tea break @ Ms Read. The chocolate cake is to die for.. YT had to persuade me for nearly 10minutes before I ordered it..hehehe. The word is FAT cos we will be having huge serving of food for dinner later on. No regrets though. It was really really delicious!!

YT after his hair cut..looks farnee The choc cake from Ms. Read
I managed to drive us from 1Utama to Subang Parade. No mean feat okay because I am not familiar with the road at all.. We had dinner @ TGIF because it was Jason's b'day. We had dinner there almost every year for his b'day. Kinda bored. The serving is really humongous coupled that I wasn't hungry in the first place. Food is still delicious, tropical sundae with orange sorbet is yummy... cooling!

Diners at TGI and its their tradition that the birthday boy have to stand on chair to give a speech

Some of our delicious main dish! Yummy..the broccoli is good
We went for bah kut teh this morning. Had not ate it for ages, still taste good.. right after dinner, we went to gym. This is the real exercise I had after the operation.. it felt good to sweat it all out. Fit to start exercising again, YIPPEEE!!!!
I reckon I will be so tired tomorrow. Monday bus back to SG is at 11pm tonight, will only reach tmr morning, will sleep for 2 hrs, then it is work again. It is a busy week ahead. I can't wait for the adrenaline rush.. I wanted more work! Krazee..

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