So outdated

I was up early this morning.. I have this bad habit of not being able to sleep if I know I need to do something, especially if that something is about cleanliness! Wahahaha.. YT was like.. sleep abit longer dear.. it's only 7am. I was up at 4am! Managed to toss & turn till 7am. Enough is enough, I got up and start clearing my stuff from the store room. It was left there for months after I moved to this new place.. its time for spring-cleaning.
Managed to clear 1/2 of it by 9am, head to Cafe Cartel for breakfast and then to Simei to clear my stuff there. Yeap.. my stuff is all over the place! Hahaha..
Guess what, while clearing, I found this really old fashion handphone that I remembered I bought for my dad in Singapore. Yuck.. no one use it anymore. Of course I threw it away..kekeke..

It's a SE model

We catched Wild Hogs later in the afternoon. It was a light-hearted movie which helps to clear my stress away. I was stressed over the last week due to work. What else.. work is getting depressing for me. Its bad news, u noe..

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