I need more time!

Ever had that feeling where you wish that the day is longer.. 24 hrs is really insufficient to do many things.. I felt lethargic after the weekend. I needed a weekend where I can laze at home, lie on my bed and watch TV.. do nothing.. time to eat, I will eat, time to sleep, I will sleep. Weekend that I do not need to iron my clothes, wash my clothes or do the housework!!!!
I gave some internal training on Friday and Saturday..there goes my Saturday! :( However, I did get to enjoy some off time from the office, which is a relieve as well.
After training on Friday, I have to rush back to office to meet YT and his friend for Casa Merah's private preview. I was under the assumption that I can take my own sweet time and it will not be crowded. Boy, how wrong was I. The MRT was crowded.. the walk way to the site is crowded. The entrance is even more crowded. When we reached, the queue number is 1000+ and the queue number I got is 1506! It was 6.45pm then.. hordes of ppl, tempers bound to flare. Everyone is shoving here and there, shouting at the security guard "Why can she go in, why can't I go in?" It was already 9.30pm when we managed to squeeze our way in..that is the first part of squeezing.. going into the showflat is another story altogether. Queueing to book a unit is another story. This is my first time at such property launch. A real eye-opener. You will never see such crowd back in Malaysia.. hahaha

Dear looking bored and frustrated - he left work punctually and did not finish his stuff coupled with stress for his studies..hehe and of course the horrendous crowd! This is only like 1/3 of the ppl thr!!!
By the time we finish, it is time for dinner. I reached home at 12.30am and I need to prepare for the next day's training! Arrgghhh...
The weather is so bad.. after training on Saturday we were standing in the rain waiting for cabs. Its so frustrating waiting for cab.. when you need one, you will not get it, when you don't need one, there's plenty going around, empty summore!
We went for tea @ Goodwood Park on Sunday. Its nice able to spend Sunday with your loved one, drinking coffee, having pastries. However, the only pastry we had is durian!! Wahaha..its durian season now, and Goodwood Park sells the most delicious durian puff and durian mousse cake..yummy!! Can't wait for their buffet to start..I'll be the first to queue.

Shopping follows after the hearty tea..sadly my shoe gave way in Orchard. I have bad luck with shoes somehow, everytime I go out, I will end up with a new pair of shoe throwing away the old pair. However, I have to 'tahan' until we reach Marina Square cos we have about $200 voucher to spare, hence I practically limped my way there..hahahaha...
Those that has not watched Phantom of the Opera should go watch! Its such a nice musical.. I did not regret paying that much to have a good view.. the songs are nice, very colorful costumes. Even YT is amazed.. guess I managed to influence him to enjoy musical..hehehe

We were playing with my new phone, taking photo in Sepia mode.. feels like the 50s..haha

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