Kind deed

Whenever I picked up coins along my way, be it 5cents, 10cents or 50cents, I considered that day as lucky.. 'chap tou chien'. Hahaha
As I was walking back earlier, I chanced upon a wallet with some notes.. I mean $$ notes. Of course, at this situation, I will not just take the money and go away. I stood there, searching for any identification.. some indian muslim name. EP holder.. thr's a number..hmm, I should call. Before I can call, this man came up and said.. "I couldn't be much happier.." I asked him "Is this your wallet? You dropped it?" The man "Yes.. thank you so much!!"
As he was walking away, he got some good scolding from his friend..hahaha..
It feels good to be able to do some good deed.. though I did not get the money (not that I wanted) but it is considered lucky to chance upon $$ too..wahahaha..
Doing good deed today, hoping that one day if I happen to be muddle-headed to lose my purse, some kind soul will return it to me as well..will they?

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