Bad Luck

Never mind that I have this bad migraine that lasted from Sunday till today.. my eyes is swollen from the constant pain.. giving me sleepless night. I was up at 6am this morning!!! Imagine how lousy I was feeling.
As I am typing this, I am feeling even lousier!! I was hanging my clothes outside when I realised from of my clothes has gone missing!!! And it no ordinary clothes.. it's my 2nd skin.. AARRGGHHH... why is this all happening to me?? First the damn laptop, then my migraine, then missing lingerie?? %$#&%$^#@*
I cannot imagine there is a pervert lurking around.. I should have guessed something is amiss when I lost 2 bra much earlier this year but I paid no attention to it since its cheap n old..haha.. but the one that just got stolen?? It's brand NEW!! And that thief certainly know his stuff, there are plenty hanging out thr but he chose a new one.. I am imagining it is a he cos..
Cry cry cry.. so sad.. it is more of scared feeling at the moment.. do not think it is safe to stay here any longer. I am so glad I am looking for a place to move.

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