Finally have some quiet time to blog about out our mini getaway to Bintan which I promised about 2 posts ago.

Here is Zach killing time while waiting for our ferry..he's been helping himself to all my barang barang in my bag ever since he knows how to open up the zip!

We started camwhoring while hubby is waiting for our luggage. Asking Zach to pose for a photo is so much easier because he will stand still though still unsure on how to pose! Teehee

Fuss free checking in to Bintan Lagoon and we were impressed with the size of our Floral comes with a living room and spacious bedroom, changing room and bathroom with a jacuzzi - the whole reason I booked this expensive suite! The balcony made us go WOW!! Big..haha

Zach helping himself with the chips while I was busy checking us in

All the photos above were taken by my Lumix LX3 using a wide-angle lens.
Our little rascal loves the water so much! He can't wait to 'walk' in the pool..muahaha. We were lazing by the pool 2x a day! No wonder Zach is so tanned..which I love. The sun was good, scorching hot but we all love the sun so doesn't matter. Some tan will make us look healthier too.

We went to the cool sandy beach on our second day.. strong waves and we were the first one there!! Hooray...

After the sand and sea, we took a dip in the pool water again..muahaha! Well, no one is complaining, especially Zach. Teehee..

There's really nothing much to do at night in Bintan so we were goofing around in our room with the jumping shot! Keke..

Love the expression on both Zach and hubby's face!

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