Mango Cheesecake

This was supposed to be made last Wednesday because it was hubby's birthday on 1st April. Unfortunately, I was out for wine session with my kawan kawan (frens) that night and by the time I reached home and ready to start on this particular cheesecake, I realise I forgot to buy the most impt ingredient, gelatine..wooppss.. So the plan was on hold till Saturday after our Bintan trip..I still did not get to buy gelatine and I make do with this mango pudding agar agar to replace.

I googled on some mango cheesecake recipe..and boy was it an eventful night. I spoilt the whipped cream required in the recipe - whipped for too long till it became curdled! Then I tweaked the recipe by adding some mango yoghurt drink and additional few tablespoon of agar agar powder as opposed to 2 tablespoon. I reckon I added too much mango juice to it because the outcome was disastrous!

It looks good before chilling..and when we are ready for it the next morning, this is the result I got. Boohoo..

I am going to try Oreo Cheesecake next week! I will make sure it works this time round because I am going to follow the recipe instead of tweaking it..keke

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