I wasn't in the best of mood for the past months due to:
1. Work - things went horribly wrong to the extend I left a meeting halfway and packed my stuff n stay home for 2 days!
2. Work - I tendered my resignation soon after. Felt at top of the world with no burden no worries. I cannot be an executor.. Give me salary and I want to make sure the things I delivered are of good quality!! That's me.. Hence I felt I can't continue

Yeap!! I am 6 weeks pregnant.. Could it be the reason I'm so charged up n more irritant than usual??
4. Work - after doing my sums with hubby n not wanting to sacrifice on things materially coupled with insistent talk by 3 bosses, I retracted my letter. Not a smart move but I hope I can 'tong' till march at least to get my bonus. Doubt it'll be alot after all that has happened but any money is better than no Money.

I had to keep this pregnancy a hush hush for the time being, something I'm not very happy with cos I've decided to transfer to another team within the same dept and I'm not sure how my new little Boss will take the news. Sigh..
Told hb this morning, when I was pregnant way back in 2008, I also had to keep the news under wrap cos my boss is not exactly pro-family. This time round, the same thing again!! Why can't I proudly say I'M PREGNANT! And everyone will be congratulating instead? Maybe then I'll have a full term baby instead of delivering at 37 weeks because my mind is worrying any how other think!!

Can I for once make myself happy? Hmm..

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Lynette said...

congratulation . just work n enjoy the pregnancy is part of the life ....