Farewell Shu Nee

I always understand how fragile human life is. With the demise of my aunt last year, I began to appreciate my family, both immediate and extended more. I make it a point to go home every month, make it a point to not go out on weekends just to spend more time with my folks. I tried to visit my grandparents often enough.
During my course of long work week coupled with dating time, I neglected some of my precious friends including my own sister cum housemate. Taking them for granted, I always thought they would be around all the time. I always thought they would pick my call up each time I feel like calling them. I thought life will not be so cruel to young ppl like us. How wrong was I.. a good friend of mine passed away on Wednesday, 1st Aug 2007. She was like a sister to me. I first met her during our days in AIT (our first company in Singapore).. a few gals were close like sisters, going out for dinner, shopping, gossiping, playing mahjong over weekends. We took care of each other. They (Shu Nee, Ivy, Lynette) especially took care of me cos I am the youngest among them and the most 'duh' person among them. They really gave me the support I needed during the lowest moment in my life. No one knew she was suffering for 1.5 years before succumbing to her illness.. it pains me to write this piece. I was staying a stone throw away from her, yet I never made it a point to call her or even sms her. And there I was grumbling each time when I ask her out she refuses. I finally knew the reason why.. she was resting at home cos she feel sick after her chemo session.. she will be missed, DEFINITELY!!!
Shu Nee, I am sorry for not being a good friend to you. Sorry for not being there with you during your lowest period of your life. If I could turn back the clock, I will do things differently. May you find peace in your after life. Please know that I will miss you alot! I will miss your smile, your good ol' advice.

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