Arrrgghhh.. the agony of making decisions.
I realise that it was fun going rounds to different designers looking at their design but the moment we start discussing about quotations and prices, I will be so sleepy. Wahaha... I am hopeless with numbers, especially those with $$ in front of them...
We have finally concluded our list of shortlisted IDs (interior designers) - down from 10 to 2. It wasn't a difficult decision to make then. Now that there are 2, which a price different of $10K and a totally different personality between them, I am torn..
What is the criteria for selection? What is the risk that I will be taking? Will the end result be as nice as what was being drawn? So many questions ran through my mind - dear n myself actually got headache earlier, we were being objective and start asking each other questions abt the pros n cons of each ID.
......well, I have yet to decide. Price over design? Good review by others? Comfort level between us and the designer? I will sleep over it later.

On a happier side, my house in Malaysia is nearly to completion stage. Floor has been laid. I must comment the workmanship in laying the 800x800 homo tiles are pretty good. The common bathroom on the ground floor is done (only fixtures to be installed), kitchen top is completed, lighting points and air condition trunk is fixed, fish pond is ready.. not too bad.

Floor tiles at living area

Fish pond

Dry kitchen

Wet kitchen

We are targetting to move in by Nov 07. That will mean I will be moving quite a fair bit this year.. headache. The tonnes of clothes and shoes and books and magazines that I have.. I intend to have a warehouse sale by then. Will let go some of my clothes and books n magazines.. sad but no choice.. I can always buy them again. ;)
* tell you a secret, I actually spent $100+ within 30minutes on Friday. Bought 2 mini-bag from Mmphosis and a shoe from PrettyFit. Hehehe.. champion!!

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