Removal of Ovarian Cyst

It was a life experience which I never imagined I have to go through..
It was just like any normal Tuesday morning when I walked into Dr. Gordon's office. Lynette advised me to go for a 2nd opinion hence Joy Clinic came to the picture.
He scanned my lower abdomen and showed me the cyst. big. He said not good to wait any longer in case the cyst grew and start twisting, if it happens, I will end up having one ovary lesser.. that really frightens me. I agreed for an operation. Initial schedule was on 13th least I have time for preparation but he said not to wait further. Operation was then scheduled the next day!
I did not have time to feel scared or think further. I went back to office in a daze, had lunch with YT.. everything seems normal. Then I have to write a super long email to my colleagues telling them what to do during my absence. I forgot to leave my hard disk behind which is even worse..cos most of the impact analysis is kept by me. Key Man Risk!! Bad..
During night time, I spend the night at YT's place. That's when I start to feel sad n scared. Scared that the operation will not be successful, scared that Dr. Gordon screw up.. etc etc. I cried and told YT that I am scared.. I only wanna hug him to sleep..couldn't really sleep at all.. tossing and turning. He kept assuring me things will be well, he loves me no matter wat, etc etc etc. He's the sweetest thing!!!
Come 8am, I checked myself into Gleneagles (like a hotel, checking in and checking out).. 11am, they pushed me to the OT, leaving me there for a good 30 minutes, while waiting for the anaesthetic doctor and Dr. Gordon to arrive, whilst the nurse is busy with preparation for the operation. I start to shiver while lying on the operating bed.. the lights are scary - too big... the oxygen tank is on stand by, I am put on IV drip.. then Dr. Gordon came in and said "Ok.. put her to sleep..." before I knew it, someone is calling my name "Kathleen..wake up, operation is over". I can only muster "Nurse, where am I? My stomach is so painful.."
Then I was wheeled back to my room where YT is waiting for me...I was groggy the whole day..dozing off almost all the time. I can't eat or lips cracked and almost bled.. the IV drip was mixed with painkiller for me to sleep and forget the pain.
Yeah..finally able to drink sips of says my urine is not up to I can't walk, I was inserted a tube to my urethra to help me urinate.. so 'pai seh'..
Luckily 2nd day was better..I was able to sit up for some time but not too long..must exercise the feet so that I can walk later on..
3rd day - I can be discharged!!! Yeah...home sweet home! Nothing compares to own bed and own pillow.. YT is with me all the time. I will not know what I will become if it is not because of him.
This experience is really harrowing - the report states that my cyst consist of hairs and greasy substance. Yucks! Let's hope that will be the end of more cyst in future. I am going to be stress free!
The only way to stay stress free is to change the current lifestyle..which I am trying hard too..mabbe after my 2nd half bonus is received, I will consider another working life.. Maybe.. hehe

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