Rings! Rings! Rings!

This weekend can be considered the most fruitful of all. Some hiccups here and there but after some giving in and serious thoughts, one has to give in.
I went back to the clinic on Saturday to get the doctor to fill up the medical report for me in order to claim for company insurance. Such a hassle!!! I need to pay the outstanding medical bill as well. Gosh, u know how much he charges me? $6,740.00 in SGD!!!!!! Can you imagine that? That amount does not include hospitalisation charges which comes up to $4,300.00. I can officially say that my savings has been depleted to NIL at this point of time..*sob! sob!* but, I told the doctor I can't claim the full amount from insurance, and he promptly says "No problem, I will get Cynthia (his nurse) to give you a 30% discount which works up to $4K plus..n he round it up to $4K with 5% GST..that is about $2.74K discount. Now I know why doctors can drive a Porshe, Jaguar, Lamborghini or even a Boxster!! A 5 minute visit will cost me $100, a touch by him will cost me $189.. :o
This may turn some ppl's stomach but the doctor gave me a photo of the cyst..

After all that.. I went to Paragon to shop around. Its been aeons since I visited Orchard. So much has changed. Many new shops sprung up. My fave fish soup stall at Scotts is no longer there. Apparently they are building some high-end condominium at that spot.
We went shopping for my engagement ring after that. You read it right! I know I know.. proposal is supposed to be a surprise but YT is afraid that he will buy a ring that I will not like, so he asked me to go shopping with him so that he will roughly know what type of design I want. I told him I wanted an emerald ring. Emerald as proposal ring is quite rare but somehow, I felt that I wanted something that is different! We saw this shop that is quite professional and promptly set an appointment on 28th Apr to meet the gemalogist. It will be a custom made proposal ring based on what I like..and at the same time we will be custom-making the wedding band as well. As for when he will propose, I will let him decide. I can only do that much..hehehe

A Bvlgari design but will be custom made.. definitely is within YT's budget!
Somehow, I like things that are squarish.. which even the shop assistant says seldom young ppl like me will like emerald or squarish stuff.. but hey, that's me!
We catched Mr. Bean Holiday @ Shaw.. it was a real stoopid show but I had a good laugh. It is really a movie to laugh out loud. Ppl even clapped at some point of time. Hehe
We went flat shopping today. There is this newly launched 5-storey condo at Marine Parade but the price is whoppingly high, $900++/psf. A 2-bedroom flat will cost about $800K minimum. When we heard of the price, in my mind, I have already felt that condo will not be within my reach.. =( but the plus side is, I went to Parkway Parade for shopping. I must say it is an eye opener. The shopping mall has all the shops you can find in the city. We don't even have Topshop or Zara in Tampines but you can find them at PP. The number of food outlets, food courts, hawker centre can easily match those at Somerset or Tampines + Woodlands! Hahaha.. I definitely must go back there again. The char kuay teow is a must-eat.
I saw from Travel & Living, Jamie's Twist on how to make yoghurt ice cream. My poor yoghurt. YT thought that it is ice-cream and promptly place that bottle of yoghurt in the freezer. I did not realise it until this afternoon. It was all frozen and it turned watery after defrost! I still use the same yoghurt but I dare not say the yoghurt ice cream will turn out creamy.. my bet is that it will turn out icy, then I will force them down YT's throat.. wahahaha...