P.S I Love You

We celebrated V Day as a married couple this year and decided not to be caught in the commercial frenzy outside.. hubby cooked!!!

Of course we made it up by catching 2 movies back to back yesterday @ Vivo.

P.S. I Love You - made popular by Cecilia Ahern

The show is abit boring and somehow, I can't relate Hilary Swank to Holly. When I read the book, I actually cried and cried but for the show - I can't wait for it to end. It did not help when 2 woman who is sitting right in the first row switched to the row behind us..and the daugher (I presume) is trying to explain the story to her mom in Mandarin and they are so loud. We turned behind several times, until at one point I am so pissed, I walked out of the cinema hall to lodge a complain and got them removed to their original seat! Haha...

On V Day, hubby decide to test his culinary skills once again by cooking. I dreaded it though it is a plus point for him for being thoughtful and sweet. I prepared the pork (kinda instant) and other stuff while he is the one facing the hot wok! Wahaha..

Pork and free marinade provided by MarketPlace @ Raffles City

Dear in action

What's cooking?? Yummy potato croquettes

The complete meal - delicious..

Of course the downside, I had to clean and wipe the entire house after that but still manage to catch Amazing Race Asia - hooray to Singapore team for winning!!!

P.S I love you dearest!!!

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