Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 is gone with just a blink of an eye. Technically, it is still CNY as it is only the 7th day me, as long as I started work, CNY is over for me.

This festive season is always fun during the preparatory stage and when it is the actual day, everyone just fall flat on their back - too tired, fatigue, hot weather! Kids will be the happiest because they will be receiving Ang Pows (red packets). Even Zach started saying "Give me ang pow" after his "Gong Xi Fa Cai"..arrggh..i m so 'paiseh' each time he said that cos that sounded so wrong! Luckily he only dared to say that to his grandpa (my dad)

We resorted in giving him an empty red packet to hold

Lil' Ethan wants to play

1st Day of CNY

2nd Day of CNY - having lunch at Pizza Hut

Family pix - Don't ask me why my husband is not in the picture! The reason is the same yearly..

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