I went to bed & woke up with a terrible and throbbing headache yesterday. Decided to stay home to rest. Since I can't be resting the whole day, it was also planned that Zach will not go to babysitter's place after school.

I went to his school at 11.50am to pick him up. He saw me, got up, with a surprised look ran to me and gave me a very very tight hug! I can't help but to tear.. I juz felt so helpless at times like this because he needs me clearly but being a full-time working mum, I can only relish this joy once a while..

We had small shell pasta with cream snapper n mince pork for lunch. It feels good to watch him finish up his lunch!! :)

I made an impromptu move to bring him to East Coast for sand play. He's having runny nose n some fresh air may help!! Round up all the tools required, we made our way there...

He was very happy to be able to play freely with the sand & water. I felt so relaxed and happy too.. Wish the day would last longer cos we only spent 45 mins at the beach :(

Nevertheless it was great spending quality time with Zach before the arrival of his lil bro. I wanted to make sure Zach will not feel left out or lonely. I've made mental note to bring him put on an individual basis every mth!! :)

We're both fooling ard at home. Hehe

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