Half-way mark

Yesterday marked my 20th week of pregnancy. Time flies for sure.. Counting it'll be another 17 or 18 more weeks to go. Boy, it's scary. Scary because of delivery? Nah.. Scary because of confinement? Nah. Scared whenever I thought of returning back to work. The logistic nightmare of preparing 2 kids. One to nursery n another to babysitter. With me need to express, can I even get decent sleep?? Haha

Before CNY I went for my routine gynae checkup. I'm expecting a baby boy again!! The boy gene is surely very strong in his family. Boy or girl, though girl is much preferred doesn't matter cos as ppl always say "As long as baby is healthy". I do hope mine is.. I've been very nottie, eating raw food at times I can't resist!! Haha

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