Kieran is ONE!

13 June - Kieran turned one!! The day I've been waiting for.. to me turning one is a big one-derful day that need big celebration..
We (hb and I) brought the boys for a photoshoot at The Studio Loft. Love love love their shots. Though Kieran was cranky throughout cos he missed his morning nap, he was still game for some good smile. Of course not all shots were of him smiling. There are some that showed the cranky and tirednes side of him and US! @_@

Being a mom to 2 boys, I have to be mindful of the older sibling's feeling especially on special day like this. So I booked tickets to watch Madagascar 3 and it was extra fun cos one of his classmate, Shermaine decided to watch the same movie at the same time. Boy, did they both had fun before the movie start. It was supposed to be followed by play at Petite Park but we were all tired out.
For this special day, I made Kieran his own birthday cake - I did a trial a week earlier but ambitious me (as usual) went ahead and tried another recipe, Rich Chocolate Cake which was a tad too dry for my liking. Learnt my lesson? I must stick to tried and tested and tasted. Haha...

17 June - Kieran's big bash held at the function room of our condo.. It was extra special cos my family flew down from KL just to attend his bash and we had a family shoot after that. :) I am still waiting for the photos to be sent to me.
List of vendors that I engaged for this party:
Cake - Paisley & Cream (thumbs up!)
Jelly - Mr & Mrs James Chan (will never go wrong!)
Buffet - Water Rise (okay..not overly good especially on their portion and after sales service)
Balloons - Balloons n Kids (Will not engage them again as I felt that their balloons don't last as the one I bought for Zach's big bash)
Photographer - Lumiere (they have plenty of photographer and maybe it is just my luck that the one I got is not very enthusiastic. Probably a junior?!?)
Entertainment - Farid the Magician (recommended by a friend. He was okay.. maybe the kids age do play a part)

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