Chocolate Banana Cake ala Awfully Chocolate

Baby Kieran will be turning 1 on 13 June 2012. Being the youngest son to a busy working parents is no fun at all. He didn't get as many toys as his older brother, nor he get many new clothings. Bad mummy..

Feeling bad, I tried to make amends by giving him more perks for his birthday bash - hiring entertainers. Hahaha.. On actual day, I decided to bake him a birthday cake instead of getting it from bakery. Personalised.

I did a trial over the weekend, following Aunty Yochana's recipe from her blog. I am glad the sponge cake turn out good but lazy mummy decided to skip the mousse part and place the banana directly on the cake batter. WRONG! The cake was overly moist and damp at the bottom.. sigh. I shall follow every recipe to the dot and not try to be smarty to change or amend unless I am very very confident of it.

Chocolate cake that is not frosted yet

Decorated cake with chocolate ganache and Zach helped with the M&M deco

I will start baking the actual cake on Monday and decorate it on Tuesday night so that we can give him a birthday 'mini' party on Wednesday! Wish me luck...

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