Moved in to our new place last week. Few items not settled yet and some defects to be rectified..
  • Tic tac door not working
  • Settee not glued properly
  • Kitchen tap is leaking
  • Master bathroom's basin to be rectified - way too near to the wall

Other than that, me n hubby is really happy to move in with our new place. No longer needing to move to different house every year. I have been staying with landlords for the past 8 years and I know how it really feels staying with outsiders!! Weirdos that allows u to cook only to find out later that she moved the microwave to her room, me quarrelling with owner's mom, some old uncle that does nothing but smoke and drink and most bizarre - an old couple that actually washes my towel every day (good?? Not when they put in the kitchen cloth in the laundry) and iron my panties..hahaha but.. all these ended! Woohoo...

Feature wall - we love the purple wall

Household shelter with tinted glass

Fave part of our house - dining area with chandelier and custom made settee

Master room - matching bedside lamp and custom-made headboard

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Junnie Chen said...

Very nice home girl! :D Where is my room? haha...just kidding.