Honeymoon Bliss

I am back!!! Happy New Year. Not making any resolution this year since it is always not achievable for me.. *sob! sob!*

We went for a cruise to Penang/Phuket on 6th Jan, one day after we move into our pad! Can't believe that I actually left the mess as it is and enjoy ourself for 4 long days!

It was my first time going on cruise - not too bad. The service is good, mabbe cos we were staying in Balcony Class, not so sure how it will be for stateroom or porthole room though. Food sucks big time!! Even their grandest restaurant food is B-A-D. My only consolation is on the Gala Night where everyone dress up (though some don't) and the food was for once edible and it even taste good (at least the fish is not fishy).

I must mention this - alot of guests were aunties and uncles, going to cruise for the sake of casino and free food but what puts me off is their mannerism towards it. I saw a few quarrel over who get that piece of apple first and one even stood in front of the buffet line, eating a piece of orange and no prize for guessing it right - she place the orange skin on the side of the buffet line!! What the ****.. I feel like going up to her and tell her off but then again.. why bother?

We took many pix!!

Chinese New Year theme

Our room - clean and comfortable

Star Virgo compares to our little boat taking us to Phuket island

We enjoying the dinner at Bella Vista

Now that we are back from our short trip, it is back to reality!! But it feels good to wake up every morning finding your loved one is beside you.. someone to kiss me goodnight, tuck me to bed, talk till I fall asleep (I do that alot) and greet you good morning and he is learning how to make the bed!! Hooray...

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