CNY - Massive photos update

Technically CNY isn't over but everyone is back to their daily routine - work, school and the stress that came with it.
CNY came too fast this year and I wasn't entirely prepared. To make it worse the boys fell sick one day apart from each other. Imagine we drove from Singapore to Klang with 2 whiny and needy boys that refuse to nap! We survived but the next few days were nightmare and it hit me why I will never be a stay-home mom - my boys drive me nuts!!! Haha
 My sick boys

Our routine every year is the same.. Slacking at Grandma's house while the uncles and aunties played gin rummy. By late noon we would leave and go home to stuff ourselves silly with CNY goodies.
Day 2 highlight will be Grandpa's birthday and he's 88 years old! Still going strong and may he stay strong and healthy.. We did not head over to gramp's place this year because Kieran was not well and he was very very cranky. He rested and he took a 3-hr nap! It was blissful during that period. Haha


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