Homemade Fish Paste

A check with most of my friends with kids confirmed my conclusion that kids loves fishballs. No one understood why.. both Zachary and Kieran loves fishballs. Everytime you ask them what they like to have for lunch or dinner the answer will be standard answer: Noodles with soup and fishballs. :|

My mom always tell us that fishballs sold outside have an added ingredients which when taken in large quantity is not good for health. I decided to be more hardworking than usual (tsk tsk) and make my own fish paste over the weekend. Googled alot of method to prepare fish paste and most of it used corn flour but I omitted them.

It was fairly easy to make fish paste. I bought mackarel or batang from wet market and get the uncle to cut it into fillet. Using ceramic spoon (Chinese soup spoon) scrape off the flesh, becareful of small bones. You can use back of the cleaver or food processor (I used the latter because I don't own a cleaver). Much much faster.

Mince the fish paste and add the same time add salted water (1 tsp salt and half cup of water) bit by bit. The fish paste should be sticky. That is the consistency that we are looking for.

Scrape the paste into a bowl and do the 'throwing' exercise. Haha.. think about someone that you dislike, pick up the paste and throw it back to the bowl. Do that several times. Doing this throwing will give your fish paste the springy texture; 'QQ' and 'boing boing'. Hee

Shape the paste into fishballs and I used balance to make beancurd to be air-fried.

Boys love it and it is healthy too. I may choose to lower the salt content as I find it on the salty side.

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