Nutella Swirl Rolls

Inspired from cinnamon roll I made these Nutella Swirl Rolls. I'm not a fan of cinnamon. Hah..
I've actually attempted the Hokkaido Milk loaf recipe countless times but I've only succeeded once! *sad*
This time round I was very very careful with the ingredients measurement and steps. Followed them to the T!
I'm glad I had the courage to try again because the bread went very well.

First time able to shape into nice balls. ^_^

I think I've overloaded my pan. After 20mins it's too tight for the bread. Oops..
Nutella Swirl Roll (dough adapted from Christine Ho - *I halved the recipe because we can't finish such big loaf)
540g bread flour
86 g caster sugar
8 g salt
9 g full cream milk power
11 g instant dried yeast
86 g whisked egg (about 2 eggs)
59 g whipping cream (*I omitted this and replace it with milk instead)
54 g milk
184 g tangzhong (50g of bread flour + 250g of water/milk and cook over low fire)
49 g unsalted butter, melted (* I used salted butter and reduce the amount of salt above. Agaration method)
- Put all wet ingredients (milk, cream and tangzhong) into bread maker follow by dry ingredients (salt, sugar, bread flour and yeast).
- Set bread maker to Dough function (I am using Kenwood so it is Function 8).
- At 1:23 minutes, add in melted butter.
- At the end of the dough function (dough should rise to double or even triple in size), remove and place on cleaned floured surface.
- Deflate the dough by giving it a few kneads or punch. Do not over-knead or the bread will turn out hard.
- Divide into 3 equal portion, cover with clingwrap and rest for 15 minutes.
- Then shape the bread - at this juncture, you may add any ingredients you want. I rolled them up into rectangular shape and spread nutella on them and roll it.
- Let the dough rise for 1 hour. During the last 10 minutes, pre-heat oven to 170degree.
- Before putting it into oven, brush with whisked egg yolk.

I must say this is a very aromatic bread..the smell of Nutella with
freshly baked bread makes me hungry! I can't wait for it to cool down before chomping 4 pieces..haha
When placing dry ingredients, be sure that the salt and yeast is placed far apart from each other and yeast not to touch the wet ingredients.

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