Every 3 to 4 weeks I'll make sn appointment for my luxurious indulgent, facial.
I used to enjoy these moments on weekends but when both boys came weekend is more important so I made appointments on Friday when my organization announced 5 @ 5 (Knock off at 5pm every Friday!)
~ I digress..
Back to facial, my therapist was going through my packages and mentioned one which I signed in 2008!! Wow.. And I only utilized that facial program once @_@
I casually mentioned was I with them for 10 years? I wasn't surprised when it was a YES!

This was after facial.. I really thanked them for helping me to maintain my skin. Alot of positive comments from friends, relatives and even strangers that I have good skin and can be seen from my minimal powder usage. *grin*
I'll continue going for facials diligently and hopefully can maintain a supple youthful skin for as long as I can.

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