Time is Essence

The above saying is true!
I mentioned earlier Kieran is a much different baby from Zachary in terms of behavior. Kieran (K) is more cranky and easily irritable. I attribute it to what I went through during my 37 weeks of pregnancy. Haha
Now that he is 4.5 mth old, he's becoming less irritable. More smiley and responsive. Early morning he'll never fail to greet me with a bright cheery smile.

He recognizes me something I take great pride in. It made all my sacrifices worth it. All the sleepless nights and patience on his incessant crying worth it!
He always reach out and touches my face, at times pulling them closer to him so that he can 'chew' my lips. Haha

Of course not forgetting my hyper hyper Zachary!

Love them to the max!!

Psst.. Look at Kieran frowning.

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