The Lion King

Caught the finale of The Lion King at Marina Bay Sands! I've been procrastinating for the longest time whether to go for it or not.. and I am super duper very very (pardon the grammar) I did and I am glad I bought the highest category ticket too! I brought Zach along with me knowing he will enjoy the show as well.
I am impressed with all the thoughts put into this musical, the animals, the songs, the story etc.. exactly like how I remember watching the cartoon version.
Zach was enjoying every bits of it too and this show managed to capture his attention when the elephant emerged from the door behind and walked down the steps and we were just seated beside the steps!!! Woohoo..
Next up: Mickey & Friends, The Elves & The Shoemaker or Jack & The Beanstalk - which should I go for? Both should be equally good.. Zach is saying he wants to watch the

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