MRT Grouses

MRT Grouse #1
It's rush hour in the morning when hordes of ppl trying to squeeze into one pathetic LRT train. Frontal face to head is like 15cm apart - we do not need the gal infront to keep flicking her hair back like some kindof Vidal Sassoon model. If the hair is dry and smells fresh, we do not mind. The same could not be said for damp (n I meant hair tat still drips water) or unwashed hair for the past 2 days? Eeeewww...

MRT Grouse #2
When the weather is hot and humid, you feel abit grouchy. The next thing you need is sitting beside someone that is constantly yakking on his/ her (most of the time is a she) mobile like she is the only one on the train. We prefer not to know the b*t*h in your company or how ur kids is doing in school or where you have been earlier today. Even the highest volume on my iPod can't drown her voice. Talk abt high octave voice..

Me and hubby were at Ma Maison Bugis on 1st April 2008 for his b'day dinner. We were lucky we called 2 weeks in advance for reservations - usually they do not take reservations unless it is way in advance. The food was good and it is a definite YES that we will patron the place again.

Pork croquette

Hubby enjoying his beef burger

Chocolate Brownie with ice cream
Being the super kiasu, I actually purchased 2 Singapore Flyers ticket last year when they first announced it was up for sale - for hubby's birthday-lah, what else? We were super late, our ride was at 10pm and we reached just in time but the place is really quiet at night, maybe it was a weekday & kinda late. After much tight security check and clearance, we both were seated in the capsule - yeay, we both got 1 capsule on our own. Spells privacy.

Our own capsule

The ride was very smooth and you can't feel it moving but it kinda get scary when you reach the top, I actually feel wobbly - wahahaha..

Bluish pix - hv not mastered how to use this camera

Our conclusion after a 30mins ride? Maybe a morning / noon ride will be better. We will be back!!

Final pix before heading to dreamland


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